Quality Services

Maybe it goes without saying, but delivering quality services is a force multiplier to growing your customer's lifetime value.  Sure there is a transactional aspect to effectively delivering the services that were purchased, but do not lose sight of the opportunity to change the relationship.

Quality service delivery can quickly convert a customer's perspective from looking at an organization as a vendor, to actively engaging a valuable partner.  Moving from a service provider to trusted advisor should be one of the customer journey's that is planned, managed, and monitored.  A comprehensive customer lifecycle strategy, starts with building awareness of the differentiated value available, to driving customer engagement, through to attaining customer advocacy.  More customers actively spreading the word about how great a business is certainly does not hurt growth.

Along the way, formalize a Quality Assurance program that ties directly in to continuous improvement and innovation cycles, so nothing is left to chance.  Organizational-centric policies, processes, and procedures are foundational to having a sustainable, scalable service business.

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